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Guirlande Christmas Tableware

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Red is the Colour of Christmas

Bjørn Wiinblad simply adored life. He loved candles, great food, delightful company and the joy of giving – everything that Christmas in particular represents. So, of course, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark’s range also features genuine Christmas tableware – Guirlande. Its fusion of chalk-white porcelain and red drapes exudes modern Nordic tradition. The tableware is perfect for lunch, advent get-togethers and Christmas dinner. To mark the Wiinblad centenary this year there is, of course, a little treat in store. The Guirlande range is being supplemented by an invaluable serving dish and atmospheric candlesticks, together with a matching porcelain bird, landing delicately and whimsically as a decorative addition throughout the Christmas home.


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Synonymous with Love

Red is the colour of Christmas, but it is also synonymous with love, passion and warmth. So today’s major colour trend is a perfect match for Bjørn Wiinblad’s warm-hearted art and fairy-tale touch. Throughout his life, Wiinblad often returned to red: for example, in his portrayal of the passing of the year and the changing seasons.The ‘Guirlande’ porcelain tableware is seasonal applied design in a league of its own.

Guirlande has been created especially for the numerous special Christmas occasions and table settings. Crimson drapes, adorned with rhombuses, gold baubles and capricious snowflakes, frame the individual elements of the tableware, and the mugs, plates, dessert bowls and serving dishes have that special Christmas something even before you place them on the table. But a Christmas table is not a Christmas table until you light a myriad of candles of various heights. So we are now supplementing the range with decorative tealight holders and a rectangular serving dish, which will add classic charm and a touch of red Christmas warmth to the table when serving homemade St Lucia buns, rustic salads or roast pork.

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Guirlande Christmas Tableware

Christmas Plate

Red, Ø 20 cm
EUR 15,95

Christmas Plate

Red, Ø 28 cm
EUR 29,95

Gravy Boat

Red, 50 cl
EUR 39,95

Christmas Bowl

Red, Ø 16 cm
EUR 22,95

Christmas Bowl

Red, Ø 24 cm
EUR 46,95

Salt and Pepper Set

Red, Ø 4,2 cm
EUR 19,95

Christmas Mug

Red, 35 cl
EUR 19,95

Tealight holder

red, Ø 6,5 cm
EUR 13,95

Advent Candle Holder

Red, Ø 12,5 cm
EUR 17,95

Advent Candle

Red, Ø 5 cm
EUR 13,95

Flying bird

red, 7,5 cm
EUR 17,95

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Confectionery Bowl

In fact, Bjørn Wiinblad was such a big fan of the festive season that he celebrated Christmas in both summer and winter. His lavish, party-loving DNA is deeply embedded in both of this year’s Guirlande novelties.

For most people, a confectionery bowl is the epitome of Christmas cheer, heaped with tempting homemade sweets, marzipan, nougat and nuts. Just as in Bjørn Wiinblad’s universe, moderation has no role to play at Christmas. Instead, this new Christmas bowl celebrates extravagance, time together and unity with a design on a foot, which literally elevates its contents. It will make a natural centrepiece on the table or a perfect fruit bowl on the kitchen worktop.

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