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Eva vase

A new personality for bouquets of flowers


Bjørn Wiinblad is world famous for his seasonal figurines, which set the tone for the four seasons with flowers in their hair and quirky design details. These iconic figurines were also the inspiration for the Eva vases,



contemporary sister-designs featuring decorative floral reliefs on the head and full of springtime sensations. With rouged cheeks and a welcoming view of the world, Eva is hard to resist – all the more so with the new design available in two different versions.



Little sister Eva in poetic pale yellow is just tall enough for the first flowers of spring, while big sister Eva in shades of blue with coral lends herself to extravagance as stems of different colours, types and heights meet in the vase as indulgent flourishes.




Blue, Ø 12,5 cm
EUR 54,95


Soft Yellow, Ø 10 cm
EUR 39,95
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