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New for Autumn 2019

Time for Fairy Tales and Joy!

Time for Fairy Tales and Joy! Bjørn Wiinblad had an uncontrollable capacity to create joy! At a time when minimalism was at its peak, he painted oriental, extravagantly-ornamented ladies and whimsical fantastic creatures, spreading a spirit of joy, fairy tale and imagination to people. Wiinblad's paint brush left its trace on every single aspect of his art, and his penchant for decoration kept him painting throughout his life – not to mention awake twenty four hours a day. He instructed his staff to wake him every time they had new ceramic heads ready, so he personally could immediately paint his characteristic almond-shaped eyes on them. His unbridled creativity, sumptuous oriental style and boundless talent made him a world artist, the like of which Denmark had never seen before.

Bjørn wiinblad ornaments

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Additions to the Christmas Tableware

Romantic Christmas with Decadent Drapes

Guirlande is Bjørn Wiinblad’s take on classic Christmas tableware. A genuine atmospheric design with multifunctional elements, featuring a soft, organic porcelain design for serving brunch, lunch, Danish pancake puffs and Christmas dinner throughout December. The tableware’s decoration of draped, crimson garlands decorated with hearts, rhombuses and gold balls is unmistakably Wiinblad-esque, inspired by this multi-artist’s design archive and abundant in Christmas references. In fact, Bjørn Wiinblad was such a big fan of the festive season that he celebrated Christmas in both summer and winter. His lavish, party-loving DNA is deeply embedded in both of this year’s Guirlande novelties.

The Guirlande tableware is hand-appliquéd in red with gold leaf on the basis of Wiinblad’s original designs, in which a profusion of decadent drapes and Christmas decoration encircles plates, bowls and mugs. Create a lavish, romantic table setting for all your Christmas parties with the beautiful tableware and Wiinblad’s Christmas ornaments, featuring scenes of love that capture the picturesque seasonal mood.

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Gravy Boat

Red, 50 cl
EUR 39,95

Salt and Pepper Set

Red, Ø 4,2 cm
EUR 19,95

Advent Candle Holder

Red, Ø 12,5 cm
EUR 17,95

Advent Candle

Red, Ø 5 cm
EUR 13,95

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Christmas Wreath & Angel Ornament

Fond of Haloes

Bjørn Wiinblad’s artistic DNA is inextricably linked to ornamentation and gold. He often drew inspiration for his effervescent maximalism from the Orient, whose golden domes and exotic gods made the halo a recurrent Wiindblad-esque motif – and not only for Christmas, for which the glowing wreath also plays a major role in several of the season’s novelties.

The wreath is a familiar feature in any Christmas interior. In this context it is spruce and straw that form the basis of the classic wreath. But now innovation in both shape and material are on the way with Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark’s launch of a range of stylised gilded wreaths. The graphic design is inspired by the metallic megatrend, while also paying homage to Bjørn Wiinblad’s fondness for the halo as a motif, in three different sizes of wreath for window, door or wall.

The Christmas wreath is made of delicately-cut metal with an ornamental leaf pattern both on the outside and inside of the wreath – a familiar detail from the Wiinblad design universe, which turns the wreaths into small works of art. Try hanging various sizes together at various heights to create an inspired contemporary Christmas mobile. The stylish wreaths are also perfect for the eclectic styling of windows or double doors, or on an invisible pin on the wall as a stunning contrast to a delicately-coloured surface, making your Christmas decoration ultra-personal and simple.

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Gold, 8 cm
EUR 19,95

Christmas Wreath

Gold-plated, Ø 7 cm
EUR 18,95

Christmas Wreath

Gold-plated, Ø 16 cm
EUR 24,95

Christmas Wreath

Gold-plated, Ø 25 cm
EUR 47,95

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Nativity Scene and Angel Candlesticks

A Gilded Host of Angels

Even though the angel is a universal figure, most of us associate the motif with the symbolism of Christmas.  Their supernatural beauty and aura of goodness make angels a true December design – especially in Bjørn Wiinblad’s dreamlike universe, in which the winged beings populate both illustrations and applied art.  Based on an original Bjørn Wiinblad design, this Christmas Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark are launching a host of angels decorated with gold, glowing as candlesticks on the window ledge and hovering as decorations on Christmas trees and branches.  The angel theme also lives on in a classic nativity scene with candles, beautifully conveying the Christmas message, and drawing inspiration from Wiinblad’s original glass figurines.

This year’s angel candlestick, the Archangel Gabriel spreads his protective wings over Mary, the baby Jesus and the three Wise Men in a reinterpretation of the Nativity scene with a luxurious bohemian touch.

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