Bjørn Wiinblad

Christmas tales Advent Candle green Ø5 cm *

Green, 25 cm

EUR 13,95

Product description

Create just the right Christmas spirit in your home while counting down to the big day with Bjørn Wiinblad’s green Christmas colours, embellished with gold. The candle stands 25 cm tall. Also available in white with a touch of gold.


Fuldraffineret specialvoks
25 cm
Please note:
Warning: Never leave candles burning unattended, and always place them out of the reach of children and pets. Always place the candlestick on a non-flammable surface and well away from any combustible materials. Never let a candle burn all the way down. The heat may cause the candlestick to shatter, which might start a fire. Never move a candle while it is burning as the wick may move in the molten wax. If the entire candle catches fire, smother the flame – do not attempt to blow it out.
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