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Bjørn Wiinblad,

Things have been quiet in the Wiinblad universe in recent decades, but that is set to change. New life is now being breathed into his comprehensive design legacy through new interpretations of creations from his imaginative universe.

This autumn will see the resurrection of Wiinblad as a brand – we are writing new chapters in the story of the cheerful multi-artist, and launching Bjørn Wiinblad 2.0.

The new collection honours Wiinblad’s authentic joie de vivre and fairy tale universe with its rich spectrum of colours.

The artist bequeathed a comprehensive legacy of design to future generations, and this is now being re-interpreted in a modern, functional design idiom that appeals to both nostalgic collectors and new generations.

The 2014 interpretation of Bjørn Wiinblad is very much in line with the new consumer trends, and the collection can be mixed and matched with all kinds of products. The only limit is the imagination.

Seek out inspiration and find new input for your home.  

Bjørn wiinblad ornaments , skiller

The new interpretations allow Bjørn Wiinblad to become a national treasure once again. Young generations now have the opportunity to delight in Bjørn Wiinblad and his infectious creativity.

Bjørn wiinblad ornaments , fugl i rede
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