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Consumer trends

We are tired of austerity and want our homes to be cheerful again.


Consumer trends today are not necessarily directed towards the acquisition of more possessions; rather, we have developed different needs.

We want to ‘stage’ our own homes to a greater extent, imbuing the place we live with our own style and personality.

Consumer tendencies in the market are pointing towards more colourful and more romantic products – products that make a break from the very stringent black/white look – and towards a design that can be supplemented and mixed with the more restrained style.

The 2014 interpretation of Bjørn Wiinblad is very much in line with the new consumer trends, and can be mixed and matched with all kinds of products. The only limit is the imagination.

Go exploring in Bjørn Wiinblad’s new universe, draw inspiration and select the products you want to spice up your home.

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Bjørn wiinblad ornaments , fugl i rede

We are living in an age of auto-staging.
Gone is the trend of copying others when it comes to domestic design.

This year, it is time to be courageous, child-like and unconventional!

Bjørn wiinblad ornaments , skiller

Inspiration 01
Domestic design trends

Following years and years of minimalism, the domestic design trend has reversed and the guiding principle is now ‘The more, the merrier’.

Your home is your cave – the place where you can feel at ease, be yourself and relax.

Cosiness and personal design are evident furnishing trends. It is permitted to build a nest and create the framework for a pleasant, comforting home life.

More warm hues, more fabrics on the sofa; plants are being brought inside again, and it is OK to mix and match metals in different colours and qualities – steel, brass and copper, for example. The trend is to come up with combinations to highlight what things are made of.

Stone, concrete and marble are still in fashion, and coloured glass is a hit again – to a greater extent than previously, appearing in the form of lamps, tables and collections of vases and candlesticks.

Choose styles you would normally shy away from, and blend them into your home. Combine with courage – new and old together create amazing looks.

Bring more items into your home, but choose them with care, regardless of whether they may be new or old and/or antique.

Inspiration 02
Myriad colours

All colours are fair game, ideally several at the same time.

The better the financial situation, the stronger the colours we dare to use. The economy has glimpsed brighter days on the horizon, and colours are making a comeback in domestic furnishing.

The colours in your home are one of the easiest aspects to change, and doing so can produce the greatest effects. Stick with neutral shades on the walls, and focus on creating attractive expressions through the use of contrast colours on cushions and ornaments, for example.

Yellow is one of the biggest trend colours in 2014. It looks magnificent when combined with shades of grey and white, and it is the perfect match for the Scandinavian palette. As a rule of thumb, the colour should be repeated three times in a single room: on a set of cushions with a yellow pattern, a vase and a candlestick, for example. You could also choose to paint the rear panel of a shelving unit in the same yellow colour.

Another colour that will be appearing more and more in 2014 is purple.

As regards fabrics, animal pelts and natural materials are still ‘in’, and we are still seeing furniture made of driftwood, tree stumps and recycled bottles.

Inspiration 03
Create drama in your home

Functionality is no longer a necessity, and it will soon be overshadowed by the unique.

You need to make something happen in your home this year – and creativity is the key.

It is all about daring to be different. Daring to put things together in new ways, daring to mix materials and colours to create your own unique style.

Copying others is not the way to go if you want your home to reflect the current trend. 2014 is all about dramatic, almost scenographic interiors, where creativity and courage are defining concepts.

Functionality no longer takes centre stage, it has been trumped by the unique and dramatic.

Within this trend, you will find furniture and design where the focus is on the structure, and where designers are striving to outdo one another in the battle to be the most creative.

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