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0502 Symphony Green Pink Two Magic Jars


Let the music play!

Bjørn Wiinblad was an artist with many strings to his bow, and the Symphony collection boasts some of the most beautiful components of his fairytale idiom, orchestrated as a new, symphony whole.

Symphony is inspired by the way music conveys emotions and stories, and the circularity, rhythms and repetitions that characterise a piece of music are also characteristic of Bjørn Wiinblad’s work. With his very own recognisable melody, he enchants us time and time again, carrying us into a world of magical adventure.

Celebrating the creative diversity of Bjørn Wiinblad, the collection invites both new and old admirers to experience his magical, musical universe.


Giving an edge to rounded shapes

The various pieces of the Symphony collection bring the joie de vivre, generosity and opulence of Bjørn Wiinblad into the home, giving the décor edge, personality and ingenuity. The collection is tactile, vibrant and full of details and stories. It speaks directly to our emotions and takes us on a journey to new worlds.

If you examine the surface closely, you’ll discover the many references to Bjørn Wiinblad’s work, such as graphic details from his drawings, oriental-inspired roses and shapes that appear under the responsive glaze, which gives the surfaces a multidimensional depth.

Symphony Carmen Vase

Dark green, 23 cm
EUR 99,95

Symphony Magic Bonbonniere

Dark green, Ø 15.5 cm
EUR 104,95

Symphony Magic Bonbonniere

Symphony, Ø 15.5 cm
EUR 99,95

Symphony Magic Bonbonniere

Dark green, Ø 21.5 cm
EUR 149,95

Symphony Magic Bonbonniere

Symphony, Ø 21.5 cm
EUR 139,95

Symphony Ophelia Candlestick

Dark green, 14.5 cm
EUR 52,95

0100 Symphony Green Family 2


A familiar, beloved Danish icon

Bjørn Wiinblad lived life to the full and was the quintessential artist. He loved to travel the world, exhibiting, producing stage scenery for theatres, creating tapestries and painting his adorable, pointy-nosed girls with the almond-shaped eyes. He was incredibly productive, but whatever he did, he did it wholeheartedly and with tremendous imagination, expressed in his famous drawings, decorations and ornamental, fairytale-like style. When he died in 2006, Wiinblad left a comprehensive legacy of drawings, posters, theatrical projects, ceramics, porcelain and bronze works, which are being worked on today.

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