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Hyacinth vase

white, 15 cm
EUR 24,95


white, 18,5 cm
EUR 39,95


white, 17,5 cm
EUR 39,95


white, 17,5 cm
EUR 39,95


white, 18,5 cm
EUR 39,95

Serving dish

red, 40 cm
EUR 47,95

Flying bird

red, 7,5 cm
EUR 17,95

Tealight holder

red, Ø 6,5 cm
EUR 13,95

Christmas Heart

plum, 9 cm
EUR 19,95


New neutrals from Bjørn Wiinblad

Maximalism is on trend right now, with both the domestic and international design scene turning up the volume on colours, patterns and textures – just as Bjørn Wiinblad has always done. Throughout his long artistic career, Wiinblad always went his own way, unswayed by the fads and fashions. So it is unsurprising that Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is launching a new trend that goes against the grain of today’s maximalist style. In autumn 2018, the brand is introducing a series of unpainted white porcelain figurines that reinterpret Wiinblad's world-renowned "The Four Seasons" series, leaving the observer and the intensity of the porcelain itself to reveal their own unique story.

The Four Seasons series is comprised of Spring (H: 19 cm), Summer (17 cm), Autumn (18 cm) and Winter (19 cm) and are each priced at EUR 39.95 (RRP). 

The Four Seasons figurines will be available from mid-September.

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Wiinblad’s Christmas Table Setting

Bjørn Wiinblad was a true bon vivant. He loved flickering candles, good food, good company and the joy of giving – precisely what Christmas is about. That’s why the Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark collection includes Guirlande, an authentic Christmas dinnerware set that exudes modern Nordic tradition through its combination of snow-white porcelain and red drapery. The dinnerware provides the perfect backdrop for luncheons, cosy Advent get-togethers or Christmas dinner and in honour of Wiinblad’s 100-year anniversary this year, a few new treats have been included: Guirlande is accompanied by an indispensable serving dish and tealight holders to set the mood – there is even a matching porcelain bird that will find plenty of decorative perches all around your home. 

Guirlande Tealight Holder (H: 5 cm) and Serving Dish (40 cm x 23 cm) in white porcelain with red and gold painted accents are priced at EUR 13.95 and 47.95, respectively (RRP). Flying Bird (H: 7 cm) in white porcelain with red painted details and a white silk strap for hanging is priced at EUR 17.95 (RRP). 

The new Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark products will be available from mid-September.

Guirlande mugs, plates, bowls og serving bowls are already available at prices from EUR 15.95 to 46.95 (RRP)

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Lighting up the onion canister

Last year, when Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark launched the charismatic “Flower Head”, this represented a step towards a more minimalist look for Wiinblad’s familiar universe. A few individual flower stems poking through the pattern of holes in the head are enough to create the illusion of lush floral art, and bearing in mind the huge popularity of the flower head, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is now taking this experiment in design further. This spring, it is time for a new take on another everyday classic utility item – the Tea Light Holder. Taking its design inspiration from Wiinblad’s iconic onion canister and the pattern of holes from the flower head, it invites you to a festival of light indoors and outdoors, accompanied by two different tea light holders incorporating the flower power effect.

The Bjørn Wiinblad Tea Light Holder in white porcelain with grey motif is available in two sizes (H: 13 cm and 22 cm), priced at EUR 27.95 and EUR 54.95 (RRP) respectively.
The Flower Head Tea Light Holder in white porcelain is available in two variants, each costing EUR 24.95 (RRP): Tea Light Holder (Ø: 12 cm) with decorative holes designed as leaves and petals. Tea Light Holder, set of 2. (H: 5 cm) with decorative holes, painted with a woman’s face in grey.

These new additions will be available in shops from the beginning of March.

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Wiinblad egg-stravaganza

Bjørn Wiinblad is renowned as the multi-artist of Danish design, but this world-famous ceramic artist had a multi-faceted social life, too. He loved to surround himself with people from all backgrounds, and enjoyed taking every opportunity to show friendship. This was especially so at Easter. Each year, Wiinblad would produce a limited edition of Easter eggs, carefully numbered and given to friends and close family. The Easter eggs never went into production, but now Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is giving everyone a chance to get close to the genial Wiinblad with the new Bonbonnière and Easter Hanger, with their roots in the story of Wiinblad and pert, budding spring flowers.

The Bjørn Wiinblad Bonbonnière in white porcelain with purple embellishment is available in two sizes H: 11.2 cm priced at EUR 34.95, and H: 15.7 cm priced at EUR 54.95 (RRP). The Bjørn Wiinblad Easter Hanger (H: 5 cm) is available in the colours Dusty Green with Grey, and White with Pink embellishment, priced at EUR 17.95 each (RRP). The Easter hangers are also sold as a set of two, priced at EUR 34.95 (RRP).

These new additions will be available in shops from the beginning of March.

» Download the press release here


Metal into magic

With the introduction of the Hurricane lamp last year, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark opened up a whole new dimension of Wiinblad’s world. The tall, slender glass and metal design is a world away from the chubby porcelain designs that the multi-artist is otherwise famed for, but the great richness and the organic aspect are still evident, and the shiny silver candle holder immediately caught on with both new and old Bjørn Wiinblad fans. Metal devices remain a strong trend in modern interior design. For that reason, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is now adding a trendy metallic brass candle holder to the hurricane lamp collection, available in three sizes, with adjustable heights to suit the occasion.

The metallic brass and glass Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark Hurricane Lamp is available in three sizes (H: 40 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm) costing EUR 149.00, EUR 159.00 and EUR 179.00 respectively (RRP)

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Autumn in the Orient

Last spring, when Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark launched the Tapestry porcelain range, the brand simultaneously introduced a lesser known aspect of the renowned multi-artist’s talents: tapestries. Woven on sumptuous rugs, the motifs of the Tapestry range are more specifically on-trend than the other products in the range. This is because Bjørn Wiinblad’s penchant for textiles, geometric figures and golden details hit the spot perfectly for contemporary interior fashion. This autumn, the Tapestry universe is supplemented with two new products, the Cylinder Vase and the Mug, both favourites in the Bjørn Wiinblad universe and each adding functional glamour to interiors.

The glossy porcelain Bjørn Wiinblad Tapestry Cylinder Vase with gold-leaf Tapestry motif (H: 18 cm) costs EUR 67.95 (RRP) and The glossy porcelain Bjørn Wiinblad Tapestry Mug with gold-leaf Tapestry motif (H: 10 cm) costs EUR 19.95 (RRP). These new additions are available from the beginning of September.

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Flowers and feathers

For prolific artist Bjørn Wiinblad, life was a question of poetry and aesthetics – and no object was too small to be beautified. On the contrary, Wiinblad loved to make his mark on the smallest everyday consumer objects, magically converting them into functional art. Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is now launching two new products to spice up the table: egg cups shaped like little birds, and a salt and pepper set with a flower motif. Wiinblad’s familiar blue-and-white universe is also supplemented with a charismatic, beaked flowerpot, which is watered from behind, breaking with convention just as the artist himself did.

The Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark Egg Cup (H: 4.5 cm) is priced at EUR 26.95 (RRP) for a set of two, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark Salt and Pepper Set (H: 6 cm, price EUR 19.95 (RRP) and Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark flowerpot (Ø: 16 cm, price EUR 46.95 (RRP). These new additions will be available in shops from the beginning of September.

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Christmas according to Bjørn Wiinblad

Women’s faces featured in Bjørn Wiinblad’s art throughout his lifetime. Of course, this also applied to Christmas, when his charismatic women took the form of angels, lending a heavenly sweetness and a touch of Nordic folklore to Wiinblad’s decorations. Wiinblad was inspired by Eastern mysticism and golden ornaments, and with that in mind Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is launching this year’s new Christmas products: the Lucia Advent Candle Holder with a built-in bowl and Tealight angels with silver and gold embellishments plus glamorous, Oriental-inspired glass ornaments.

The Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark Advent Candle Holder (H: 15 cm) with glossy silver or gold embellishments costs EUR 79.95 (RRP), The Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark Tealight Angel comes in two sizes (H: 14 cm and 17 cm) with glossy silver or gold embellishments, costing EUR 34.95 and EUR 39.95 respectively (RRP), The Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark Glass Ornaments with gold embellishments are the Ball (H: 9.5 cm), Bell (H: 9.6 cm) and Icicle (H: 15.6 cm) and are priced at EUR 19.95 (RRP) and The range also includes Christmas candles (H: 25 cm) in either white or mint green with gold embellishment, priced at EUR 13.95 (RRP). These new additions will be available in shops from the beginning of September.

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The multi-artist’s tulips

Bjørn Wiinblad was more than a multi-artist, he was an aesthete with a unique gift for delighting in all things big and small. To him, the blooming of the magnolia tree in the front garden of his artist’s home, The Blue House, was cause for celebration, and indoors, Wiinblad also loved to use flowers and florals to great effect. This spring, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is relaunching his characteristic ‘tulip’ candlesticks, which create a myriad of flowers in light when used in a group and in varying heights. The extravagant Tulip candlesticks are accompanied by a new design in blown glass, the matching Tulip vase, which bears Wiinblad’s clear signature and caters to the crisp floral bouquets of spring.

The new release will be available in stores from early March 2017.

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Elegant tapestries

As an artist, Bjørn Wiinblad had a wide reach – from poster art and decorative plates for the masses to giant woven tapestries valued in the millions. With his lavish and optimistic expression, his work appealed to many, but this does not mean that Wiinblad lacked artistic weight – quite the contrary. As a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, he was in fact a contemporary of several great Danish designers, including Asger Jorn, and Wiinblad’s tapestries clearly demonstrate that he operated in the artistic premier league as well. His tapestries are woven with symbolism, rich colours, and imagination all held together by multi-coloured rhombus-shaped patterns – a glamorous geometry that is now being rediscovered in today’s prints and designs. Thus, the timing is perfect for reintroducing Wiinblad’s tapestry art in a new interpretation with Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark’s spring release, Gobelin

The new products will be available in stores from early March 2017.

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The new face of floral art

Danish design and culture have been inspired by Japan for centuries. The Japanese simplicity and tradition for functional design is kindred to the Nordic minimalism and functionalism. And this trend is stronger than ever – from sushi and Manga to handicrafts and floral art. A key element in the latter is Ikebana – the art of arranging flowers using little holes in the top of the vase. And it is only natural that Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark has turned to this particular tradition for inspiration when designing its new Flower vase. In part, because Wiinblad, himself, had a lifelong fascination with the Oriental aesthetic, but also because the simple, almost stencilled head with its discrete painted grey decorations gives Wiinblad’s art an unexpected, downplayed expression. There is no superfluous ornamentation, and the vase design is only really brought to life by the flowers, which can be both large and small, as the Flower vase comes in two sizes.

The new products will be available in stores from early March 2017

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Fabulous birds in the light of spring

Everyone who is even remotely acquainted with Bjørn Wiinblad’s art and motifs will recognise his eye for detail. Regardless of whether he worked in ceramics, textiles, or rugs, Wiinblad was a generous and highly creative decorator who covered surfaces down to the last bare spot with everything from plants and flowers to artistic flourishes. This enormous wealth of detail gave his art a special DNA that makes it easy to identify a design as unmistakeably Wiinbladian. This is the heritage upon which Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark’s new spring release, the Tealight holder, is founded. A new design in glass relief inspired by Wiinblad’s world and dedicated to the bird motif that appeared time and again in Wiinblad’s work as a harbinger of the seasons and a decorative element.

The new release will be available in stores from early March 2017.

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The Hurricane reaches new heights

Bjørn Wiinblad is often referred to as a multi-artist, and this characterisation is spot on. For not only did Bjørn Wiinblad master a range of artistic disciplines, he also worked in all kinds of materials – textiles, tapestries, tiles and ceramics – creating products that until now have only be known to incarnate fans and connoisseurs. This is especially true of the majestic Hurricane candle holder in glass and metal, which Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is now reintroducing in three different heights.

The new candle holders will be available in stores from early September 2016.

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Wiinblad sparkles again

For more than five decades, the world has been on a first-name basis with Bjørn Wiinblad’s design. His signature idiom – and the main motif in most of his art – is the charismatic female face whose intense eyes and billowing floral hair draw the observer into Bjørn Wiinblad’s bohemian design universe. This is also true of this autumn’s new vase, Felicia, which is named after one of the multi-artist’s most famous female motifs – now hand-applied in gold to tempt all fans of the current metallic trend, as well as making a perfect addition to this year’s holiday decorations.

The vase will be available in stores from early September 2016.

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Wiinblad sees red

To many, Bjørn Wiinblad is synonymous with the colour blue. However, the charismatic multi-artist actually worked in an extremely varied colour palette throughout his lifetime. This season, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark turns the page on a new chapter in the story of the popular maximalist with the introduction of a series of Christmas decorations and tableware – and naturally, Christmas is also red in Wiinblad’s universe. Baubles, cornets, hearts, and bells in pure white porcelain tempt design lovers with a soft spot for the classic Scandi-Christmas look with a fantastical twist, while the Christmas tableware comprises four pieces that cover all the basic needs of the season.

The new releases will be available in stores from early September 2016.

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Wiinblad’s winter wonderland

Scandinavia is known for simple living and for taking a minimalist approach to design and interior decorating. However, the coming of the holidays tends to bring out the maximalist in most of us. We dig out our holiday decorations – both old and new – and an intimate and cosy atmosphere evolves as we decorate for Christmas with plenty of colour, gold, silver and silk ribbon. Now there is good news for fans of modern Christmas décor. Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is happy to introduce a colourful handful of classic Christmas ornaments, tealight candle holders, a vase and a decorative bowl to make this Christmas a glamourous and green affair.

The new releases will be available in stores from early September 2016.

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Bjørn Wiinvlad, vaser, skåle, fade


Cylindrical charm

The cylindrical vase and round platter are two of Bjørn Wiinblad’s signature products. Throughout his life, he decorated these two design objects with various motifs and colours, because the round shapes are a perfect match to Bjørn Wiinblad’s fantastical style, giving them plenty of room to romp on the bottom of the platter and the sides of the vase. Now, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is adding to the story about Denmark’s great multi-artist with the introduction of two new round platters, two cylindrical vases and a votive candleholder that rounds off Bjørn Wiinblad’s classic designs with a contemporary twist.

The new products from Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark are made from white porcelain with hand-applied motifs and will be available in stores from early March 2016.

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Balls of Wiinblad delight

Bjørn Wiinblad is one of the most creative and popular figures in Danish art history, and in the past few years the charming multi-artist has made a comeback, both in Denmark and abroad. Bjørn Wiinblad had a flair for creating functional designs full of fun and life in every stroke he put to his decorated ceramics. This is also true of this spring’s new releases from Bjørn Wiinblad, the Ball Vases, complete with the playful eyes and characteristic noses that were Bjørn Wiinblad’s trademark. The vases sweetly court the season’s flowers, while their sculptural designs also make them ideal as art features throughout the home.  

The Ball Vases come in four different motifs: the mini-vases, Mie, Fie and Rie, are just 10.5 cm high and decorated in the trendy colours of petal, grey and blue, while the big sister, Sofie, with a height of 20 cm and discretely decorated in subdued pale blue, lovingly watches over the whole flock.

The new products will be available in stores from early March 2016.

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Bjørn Wiinblad, vaser
Bjørn Wiinblad, dug, tekstil


Laying the table for the luxury bohemian

Bjørn Wiinblad’s creations have left an indelible mark on Danish designs for the table and the home. His fantastical style and love of colours beautifully embody the spirit of the 1960s and 70s, and right now the retro style is making a strong comeback in fashion. This same trend is also seen dressing up today’s home decors. This spring, there is therefore good news for everyone, but especially for contemporary hippies, as Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark introduces two new tablecloth designs with matching cloth serviettes that lay the table for guests and set the tone for an extravagant everyday life á la Wiinblad.

Bjørn Wiinblad’s signature colour, blue, is also represented in the tablecloth collection. In the Birds pattern, supersized birds take flight in a simple design that is broken by a wide stripe down the middle, while the Jacquard weave creates a refined graphic effect of darker and lighter shades of blue. Birds also comes in white, and there are cloth serviettes to match both colours.

The Bjørn Wiinblad tablecloth collection is made from 100% Jacquard cotton and is machine washable at max. 40°C.

The new products will be available in stores from early March 2016.

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Maximalist metallics

When the Bjørn Wiinblad brand was revived last year in a new and more up-to-date version, it also marked the return of “maximalism” to Danish design. Bjørn Wiinblad’s fantastical motifs celebrate the opulent and extravagant in everyday objects, and in this regard, there is no escaping metallics. This autumn, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark is therefore launching a brand new collection of bonbonnières, candlesticks and vases with motifs in silver and gold, all are dedicated to the metallic mega-trend while remaining faithful to the Wiinblad design heritage.

This autumn’s new products from Wiinblad are all made from white porcelain and will be available in stores from mid-August 2015.

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Bjørn Wiinblad, vaser, stager, metal, guld, sølv
Urtepotteskjulere, Bjørn Wiinblad, farverig, planter, blomster

Modern flower power from Wiinblad

Bjørn Wiinblad is experiencing a design renaissance and a number of the artist’s most popular products have been relaunched in recent years. Especially popular is the flowerpot, which brought colourful flower power to thousands of windowsills in Wiinblad’s heyday in the 1970s. This autumn brings fantastic news for the green thumbs of the world as Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark introduces Juliane: a modern interpretation of Wiinblad’s pedestalled flowerpot available in a range of colours and sizes that add a touch of Wiinbladian retro-nostalgia to Scandinavian interiors.

This autumn’s new products from Wiinblad are all made from white porcelain and will be available in stores from mid-September 2015.

» Download the press release here

The decorative porcelain plate is back

Decorative porcelain plates with poetic season motifs and the signature colour “blue” are important elements in the Bjørn Wiinblad universe, and both are more topical than ever. This autumn, the decorative porcelain plate is making a comeback as Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark launches a series of colourful oval plates featuring various motifs for decoration and table use. The multifunctional plates are supplemented by a trio of new cups – one with a handle and two insulated – adding subdued hues and dusty blue to Wiinblad’s magically modern universe.

The new products will be available in stores from early September 2015. 

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Platter, porcelænplatter, farverig, motiv, krus, kopper
Tekstil, motiv, ansigter, Bjørn Wiinblad, design, køkken

Retro-trendy textiles

Bjørn Wiinblad is here, there and everywhere these days. Old original pieces are being combined with contemporary new releases, and a current exhibition at Arken Museum of Modern Art highlights the many sides and creative platforms of the talented multi-artist. Wiinblad had a particular fondness for scenography, where he would apply his unique style to the creation of extravagant costumes. This autumn, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark lifts the curtain on a brand new textile universe based on Wiinblad’s love of scenography, making beautiful and lively design statements out of the soft household items we use every day, from tea towels to coated tablecloths.

The new products will be available in stores from early September 2015. 

» Download the press release here

Artful Christmas storage

It can be hard to keep your hands off the biscuit tin. Especially at Christmas time when the kitchen cupboards are overflowing with homemade biscuits and tempting holiday treats. And now it will be even more difficult to resist temptation with the launch of this season’s ultimate biscuit tin from Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark. The Christmas tin comes in three sizes, all perfect for storing Wiinblad’s favourite Danish holiday biscuits, like pepper nuts and brown spice biscuits. Meanwhile, their red motif paints a direct line back to Wiinblad’s famous art tins, which he designed for Danish grocery store chain Irma.

The tins will be available in stores from mid-August 2015.

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Jul på dåse, Bjørn Wiinblad, dåser, røde, jul, christmas
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