Bjørn Wiinblad BW Christmas

The Three Wise Men Candle Holders

Gold, 12,2 cm

EUR 54,95

Product description

These charming, porcelain candle holders portraying The Three Wise Men are all 12.2 centimetres in height and available in a gift box. All crafted in glossy glazed white porcelain and decorated with glossy gold details, they are part of Bjørn Wiinblad’s Christmas nativity scene collection featuring popular nativity figures that recount the story of Christmas. With infinite charm and a careful eye for design, Wiinblad manages to capture the traditional story in candle holders brimming with details. Together with the other porcelain candle holders, The Three Wise Men are inspired by Wiinblad’s original glass nativity figures.


BW Christmas
12.2 cm
Please note:
Unsuitable for dishwashing. Clean with a dry cloth. Rinse off surplus candle wax with hot water, then dry off with a soft cloth.

Warning: Never leave lit candles unattended and always place them out of reach of children and pets. Always place the candle holder on a non-flammable surface away from flammable materials. Never let a candle burn right down. The heat can cause the candle holder to break and may help cause a fire. Never move a lit candle, as the wick can drift off-centre in the liquid wax. If the whole candle catches fire, the flame must be extinguished - not blown out.
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